Security Services

Welcome to ELE Security

ELE Security provides best in class security services for clients throughout New Zealand.

Our clients include Auckland District Health Board, Counties Manukau District Health Board, TAB, Kiwi Bank, Sephora, The Warehouse and Oranga Tamariki.

Security Officers

The presence of a security guard at your business can provide peace of mind and a sense of security to everyone, including employees, customers and visitors.

Having on-site security is also one of the most effective deterrents against crime, theft, vandalism and damage.

We provide professional guarding services 24 by 7, 365 days a year with trained security officers.

We understand your requirements and then tailor security services to meet those needs.

This may include providing guards with particular qualifications, specialist training or skillsets that are specific to your business. For example, in the health care sector our guards are trained to be able to physically involve themselves in certain circumstances as required, versus a basic observe and report guard service.

We employ experienced, well trained, licensed security guards who operate professionally and effectively. All of our team undergo pre-deployment and ongoing site-specific training to understand your preferred operating procedures.

In addition to keeping your people and property safe and secure, our guards also understand they are customer service ambassadors for your business.

Services we provide include:

  • guarding for entrance areas and car parks
  • management of actual and potential aggression
  • internal and external roving patrols
  • response to incidents
  • security compliance checking

We have extensive experience in retail, commercial, construction, healthcare and hospitality situations. We provide customised and effective solutions that are proven to make a difference.

Training Solutions

Many factors have compounded the risks associated with conflict and managing difficult situations in recent times. These courses deliver essential skills for front line team members in any organisation to build their confidence in handling conflict situations.

We deliver specialist training across a range of personal safety and security topics.

Our facilitators are subject matter experts who deliver courses as skilled and dynamic trainers.

Because our security trainers work exclusively on these issues, we have developed a level of expertise which is unmatched in New Zealand today.

A well-balanced combination of direct presentation, group activities, feedback and skills practice are used to maximise retention and learning. All participants receive a comprehensive workbook to assist later reviews of the training.

Both of our courses are available as internet-based training programmes should you have team members who cannot attend seminars. These interactive sessions are supported with comprehensive resource packs to assist learning and development.

Personal Safety & Conflict Management Training

Personal safety is exactly that, very personal. This course provides participants with the confidence and competence to manage their personal safety and conflict incidents in a way that optimises their safety and that of others around them.

This course is important for any employees whose role includes interaction with customers and the general public. They develop skills to effectively manage difficult, abusive and aggressive customers in potentially difficult situations.

In this module participants will:

  • Learn how to deal with thieves safely, effectively and legally
  • Learn about the concept of TRIUMPH in order to manage conflict situations
  • Identify stress responses and learn strategies to deal with it
  • Learn conflict management in a retail environment and how to 'play your ACES'
  • Understand resilience – how to build it and maintain it
  • Demonstrate safe space and understand and apply the 'safety APP'.
  • We have trained for a range of companies and government agencies across New Zealand.

Robbery Prevention & Safety Skills Training

This is a more focused course for people who are in working environments that involve the risk of an armed robbery. Typically, this is because they handle money, valuable or desirable products.

The programme provides participants with the knowledge and skills to both reduce the risk of robbery at their workplace and to maximise their safety and that of their workmates during an armed robbery.

In this module participants will:

  • Understand the significance between emotions, thoughts and actions in high risk situations.
  • Identify and demonstrate techniques to control your own stress response under pressure.
  • Understand what offenders expect in robbery situations and therefore what you can do to ‘help’ them.
  • Identify actions you can take to reduce the risk of harm to yourself and others.
  • Demonstrate skills to help you during and after a robbery.
  • Understand what to expect after a robbery and what help is available.
  • Learn how to make your premises an unattractive target to robbers
  • Learn how to reduce the overall risk by following sound security procedures

Consulting & Investigation

Businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes face real threats from theft, fraud, confidentiality and privacy breaches that put the organisation, its stakeholders and shareholders at risk.

Consulting Services

Our licensed security consultants have experience delivering a range of risk management solutions to the private, corporate and government sectors.

We deliver security frameworks, risk assessments and then provide security risk treatments. Risk management includes the identification, assessment and prioritisation of risks followed by action to minimise, monitor and control the impact of potential events.


Our highly trained, experienced and qualified investigators use an evidence based approach to ensure investigations are robust, independent and impartial; and are able to stand the test of scrutiny by any subsequent employment or judicial review.

Investigative services include comprehensive pre-employment checks, theft and fraud investigations, employment issues and loss recovery.