Personal Safety and Conflict Management Training

Many factors have compounded the risks associated with conflict and managing difficult situations in recent times in New Zealand. These include societal changes, cost of living hardship and drug trends.

Learn with New Zealand’s top-rated Personal Safety & Conflict Management course. Master difficult situations safely, effectively and legally. Deal with stress responses, build resilience, safety routines, and more. Trusted by leading corporations and government entities.

If your employees interact with customers or the public, either at your place of work or on the road, you need to support them.

This powerful training course provides participants with the confidence and competence to manage their personal safety and conflict incidents in a way that optimises their safety and that of others around them.

This leading program is used by leading companies, local government and central government organisations across New Zealand.

It helps people develop skills to effectively manage difficult, abusive and aggressive people in potentially difficult situations.

In the course participants will:

  • Learn how to deal with conflict situations safely, effectively and legally
  • Identify stress responses and learn strategies to deal with it
  • Learn conflict management in a workplace environment
  • Understand resilience – how to build it and maintain it
  • Understand safe space and safety routines

This course sets the standard for Personal Safety & Conflict Management Training excellence and course feedback is exceptional.

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Up to 15 people can attend the course for a total investment of $2,700+GST. Online options are also available on request. For more information contact Bruce Couper at [email protected] or fil out the form below and we will get in touch.