ELE Pathways

We have established a dedicated ELE Pathways team to help more New Zealanders into permanent employment.

Our aim is to deliver structured learning and training programs, with ongoing direction and mentoring to help people to reach their potential.

It is all about growth for the individual, growth for ELE and also growth for Aotearoa by way of a larger and more resilient workforce. This is our core value “tipu tahi” in action.


Māori Trades and Training Program

Our first major ELE Pathways program is supported by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) Māori Trades and Training Program and leverages our existing ELE Apprenticeship Program.

This pre-apprenticeship program is designed to train 120 Māori Trainees in the Tāmaki Makaurau region over the next 24 months. The goal is to transition them into an ELE Apprenticeship.

This program is culturally aware, designed in collaboration with Māori stakeholders and addresses barriers and challenges that can occur.

By doing so, we hope to unlock the potential of our Trainees and start them on a pathway to meaningful and rewarding career.

Māori Trainees

Māori Trainees

We are currently recruiting Trainees who are looking for a career in the building and construction sector.

This pre-apprenticeship program provides our Trainees with valuable skills and knowledge, setting up a solid foundation to enhance their employability and long-term employment opportunities.

The Trainees in this program will;

  • Be employed on permanent contracts
  • Work on construction projects with great teams
  • Receive essential tools and gear
  • Be supported through a two year mentorship program
  • Participate in weekly off-site training sessions

This 36 week program is based in Tāmaki Makaurau and consists of work experience, cultural awareness, personal coaching and practical training.

The first week for each cohort is an introduction to the program with a team of up to 15 Trainees, then they are generally working on-site Monday to Thursday.

Each week the Trainees come together for a day to learn additional industry aligned skills such as Health & Safety, Tool Maintenance, Working at Heights, First Aid, Goal Setting and enjoy Marae/Iwi engagement and support.

The goal is to start an ELE Apprenticeship at the end of the 36 week program.

We want to empower our Trainees to take control of their futures, connect with their cultural heritage and identity, develop confidence and contribute to the economic and social development of their communities.

Building & Construction Industry

Building & Construction Industry

Importantly, we are seeking like-minded building and construction companies who are willing support this program by taking these young people onto their project sites to give them real world experience and skills.

This is a meaningful initiative to promote our industry and empower our Trainees to take control of their futures, secure meaningful work and develop better futures for them and their whānau.

Our client partners will:

  • Get access to Trainees who are eager to learn and gain practical skills
  • Know the Trainees will have a growing commitment to completing an apprenticeship as they progress through the program
  • Understand that external training is provided to increase Trainee productivity and industry knowledge
  • Know that regular contact from ELE Mentors will provide both commercial and cultural assistance to the Trainees
  • Enjoy reduced recruitment costs through continuity of employment
  • Help shape the future workforce of our industry with long-term talent development
  • Be leaders in diversity and inclusion with increased cultural representation in the workplace
  • Tap into a cohort of people who will become tomorrow’s leaders and potentially your future supervisors and site managers

If you would like to know more about ELE Pathways or are keen to be involved, please get in touch with Alan Roberts - Pathways Program Director on 027 706 7222, email [email protected] or fill out the form below:

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