Date: 11 May 2023

Our MD Brent Mulholland is currently spending quite a bit of time at Trentham Army Camp as Patron of the LSV Programme, a government initiative to help give young, disadvantaged youth the basic skills, confidence and encouragement they need, to get into the workforce. These young men and woman are aged between 17-24.

Our hope on graduation day is to be able to offer as many of these young people full time employment with ELE, where we will continue to mentor them, provide further technical training, keep them employed and on the up in life.

Over the next month we will be putting a plan together which will involve our clients across a number of sectors, effectively asking for their support in taking one or two of these young people through ELE into their business.

We will establish a triangular agreement (non-binding but in good faith) between our clients who participate, ELE and the trainee. ELE will closely mentor the trainee, keeping them on track with their goals and aspirations, coaching them, helping out with any problems they may experience which may impact on their employment; and working with our clients to collectively create a meaningful outcome for these great young people.

More to follow on this initiative soon - it will be something we will be looking to promote and expand as we go - contributing to positive social outcomes in a small way, using our resources to add value to these people’s lives in a positive way. It’s all about tipu tahi.

Trentham Army Camp