Date: 3 May 2023

Here’s a couple of quick stories from one of our ELE Security Loss Prevention Officers (LPO’s) from last week.

Within the first hour of his shift, our LPO had caught his first shoplifter for the day. While conducting surveillance via CCTV he observed a person with a full trolley of goods scanning items suspiciously at a self-checkout. When the person was exiting the store, our LPO asked to check the receipt against the items purchased. The receipt was for 8 items at $59.20. After scanning all the items in the trolly - that real value was $651.83.

Shortly after he observed a shirtless male entering the store. While conducting surveillance, he watched as the man put on a new shirt and try to sneak out of the store.

Then he caught a person confidently walking out of the store with a trolley loaded with goods with a value of $418. And all before lunch.

Our Loss Prevention Officers are constantly vigilant as thieves are always looking for opportunities to steal. Duties in a retail environment include:

  • Monitor activities in the store to detect and deter theft
  • Respond to customer service issues
  • Conduct investigations into theft, shoplifting and other criminal activities
  • Set up and monitor surveillance equipment
  • Respond to and investigate alarms
  • Patrol both the inside and outside of the store
  • Have a thorough understanding of our clients’ policies, procedures and regulations
  • Have a good working knowledge of the premises layout and the products and services sold
  • Take accurate notes and accurately report suspicious activities
  • Write effective reports and recommend corrective action
  • Work with police and other personnel to ensure the safety of the store and its customers

Want to know more, get in touch with our GM Bruce Couper at [email protected]

Stories from one of our ELE Security Loss Prevention Officers