Date: 3 Mar 2023

ELE is a family company - and we really like giving families the opportunity to work and grow together with us in New Zealand.

Astor recently gained residency and now his family have joined him in Christchurch. His wife Rachelle and both sons are already building their Kiwi careers with ELE. His sons are following his lead into the construction industry and Rachelle is a Customer Service superstar.

In Auckland we have Michael and Jasper; and Alejandro and John working as father and son teams on major construction projects. Both fathers worked in NZ for four years and have recently been able bring their families to New Zealand to enjoy the opportunities and lifestyle that Aotearoa offers.

We’re a family business that loves supporting and bringing families together!

We are recruiting internationally right now for experienced carpenters plus qualified diesel and petrol mechanics. If New Zealand is your destination of choice - get in contact quickly.

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Family-Oriented ELE Invites Skilled Workers to Join in Building New Zealand