Date: 5 Oct 2023

The calibre and commitment of our first group of 13 Maori Trade Trainees in Auckland has been exceptional and we expect them to contribute well at their workplaces. 

The second team are due to start in late October 2023. We are looking for building and construction businesses in Auckland who have roles suitable for pre-apprenticeship Trainees STARTING IN NOVEMBER 2023.

ELE interviews all potential Trainees and works with their families and any agencies involved to ensure they are suitable candidates for the program. Then ELE employs the selected Trainees on permanent contracts and assigns a mentor who keeps in close contact.

The first team have developed a wonderful bond and we are really pleased with their professional and personal development. Motivations have been mixed. One young wahini wants to become a qualified carpenter and then build house on her ancestral land. Another has recently become a father and he is setting himself up in a solid career to support his family. The willingness to learn and grow is a common theme amongst the group.

If you can place a keen young person at your Auckland project site from November; and help us grow young people into building careers - please get in contact with either Alan Roberts or Brent Mulholland to discuss.

13 Maori Trade Trainees