It’s all about tipu tahi

Our unique family culture is strongly influenced by our Maori ownership and the commitment to do business in a personal and welcoming manner.

The people we work with are the most important part of our business and we treat them with respect and dignity. We want our people to grow with us, to be proud of their work and support their families and communities.

We like to get things done and keep it real along the way. We are open and honest, have high quality standards and we expect high levels of integrity from everyone we work with. And like family, if we have issues we like to discuss it openly and sort things out in way that is fair and reasonable to all concerned.

We have long standing and enduring client partnerships that are built on mutual respect, open communication and service excellence. Our clients know we will go the extra mile to solve issues and provide the right solutions for them.

Our core value - growing together - captures up our approach to business.

Our Values

Growing Together

We partner with our staff, clients and stakeholders to invest in growing our businesses, talents and relationships together. We keep each other safe at work and nurture the well-being of our people by providing an enthusiastic and fun environment that grows ELE.

Keeping It Real

ELE is professional without being corporate and we will preserve our ‘family’ feel regardless of the size or reach of our expanding services. We believe that integrity, perseverance and solution-focused actions will continue to fuel our progress.

Building Tomorrow Today

Our culture embraces learning, personal development and ambition. We’re building our teams and their capabilities as we identify and respond to business opportunities, both immediate and strategic, that will shape our future.

Doing Social Good

We are excited about helping people build better lives by building great careers and in doing so giving back to our communities and our country.


We have a wide cultural spread amongst teams with over 30 ethnic groups represented in our workforce. We offer pastoral care and coaching for all employees on a one to one basis to support their growth and development.


Our ambition is to double the number of our Māori and Pacifica employees to over 600 team members in the next year with targeted recruitment and vocational support.


We are working with training organisations and government departments to provide a number of workplace and trade training courses, including apprenticeships and leadership initiatives to help people at all levels succeed in their careers.

Why Choose Us?



Business is personal to us, our professional relationships and partnerships fuel the ongoing success of what we do.



We are ambitious and continue to invest in our people, technology, business processes and governance to ensure our business has strong foundations for our future growth.



Our people create our business each day. We place great emphasis on recruiting, training and developing our people to achieve their goals and aspirations.



We build successful, long term client relationships. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and implement agreed solutions.



Our leadership team have deep and genuine operational experience in the sectors in which we operate.



We are entrepreneurial and encourage innovation, we work hard to respond to business opportunities, overcome challenges and create positive outcomes.